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Pictures From Uruguay


Downtown Montevideo- Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia, Montevideo

The sunset in Montevideo

Ciudad Vieja

Ancient Cameras

Ancient books

You can find all of this and more around Ciudad Vieja

The artwork is amazing here.

A bookstore in Montevideo…

This is what a REAL bookstore should look like.

Teatro Solis, Montevideo

I love it here

Montevideo is a very bohemian town, full of antique buildings and things with a fusion of contemporary art and tango. Stunning.

Yes, I would like to buy a lamp post please.

Puerto Mercado- the entire warehouse is surrounded by spitfires such as these.

Best chorizo I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Amazing empanadas.

This armoire costs 300 dollars.

Mmm Calamari Empanada….

Many shops like these housing beautiful contemporary artwork for very little money.

Colonial del Sacramento, Uruguay

This place reminds me a little of Tuscany, Italy

The sea in Colonial Del Sacramento

An art cafe in Colonial del Sacramento.

Colonial del Sacramento is gorgeous.

Back to Montevideo… 18 de Julio, the main street in the downtown.

Contemporary art as clocks


While Paraguay has the tereré craze, Uruguay has the maté craze. The only difference is that tereré is cold yerba and maté is hot yerba. Here is a woman clutching her maté complete with thermos.

Egg liquor?

Ciudad Vieja, the old part of the city.

Puerto Mercado

Entertainment outside Puerto Mercado. At lunch time, this place is BURSTING with people!

A typical restaurant in Puerto Mercado

RED WINE AND PAELLA! Dream come true.

Flan with whipped cream and dulce de leche. Amaaaazing.Worth EVERY penny.

More street merchants. I love all of the relics here.

I love all of the artwork in Uruguay. This is such an intoxicating place.

This picture encompasses all that Uruguay is about.

A kind old couple who are artists gave me this Montevideo magnet wrapped in a music sheet. The best things in life are free.

My room in Ciudad Vieja Hostel.

The buildings on main street, 18 de Julio, in Montevideo. I miss you SO MUCH Uruguay!!


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Just saw your Kharpert trip(been there) and Armenia(been there, too) and Uruguay(was there last year): did you know that Uruguay was the first country, back in the 60’s that recognized the Armenian genocide? That was in part thanks to my Armenian relatives, the Aharonians from Zeitun; my grandparents and uncles survived the genocide but not my two aunts and they settled in Uruguay. There’s a huge Armenian diaspora in both Uruguay and Argentina.Im studying Armenian now to talk to all of them everywhere via Armenian Virtual College. Yours is an amazing site. Many thanks.

Comment by Sona

Already done!

Comment by Sona

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