Change Yourself…Change The World

Inspiration: People

People That Inspire Me:

First and foremost: my incredible family! For their support, for shaping me to be the person I am today, for continuing to be my most prominent role models, and for their never-ending love.
Maggie Doyne– founder of BlinkNow and Kopila Valley School
Ethan Knight– founder of Carpe Diem Education
Jacqueline Novogratz– founder and CEO of Acumen Fund
Muhammad Yunus– founder of Grameen Bank
Lindsay Clinton– Prominent social entrepreneur
Leo Babauta– Writer and Curator at Zen Habits
Sherry and John Petersik– Writers and Curators at One House Love
Beth Terry– Writer and Curator of My Plastic-Free Life
Amber Rae– Founder of the Bold Academy, the Passion Experiment, and
Ryan Allis– Technology entrepreneur and world explorer
Rithesh Menon– StartingBloc mentor and book enthusiast
Luke Barbara– Brazil-based entrepreneur with big ideas
Sam Smith– Future President of the USA
Chris Gagne– Technology and photography intellectual
Christina Brown– Photographer and creative extraordinaire
Heidi Hillman– Writer, poet, and life mentor
Polina Levina– Brilliant and ambitious human rights lawyer
Deepa Mehta– Incredible filmmaker depicting global issues
Gandhi– Non-violent civil rights and freedom movement activist
Mother Theresa– Champion of deep compassion and universal love
Thich Nhat Hanh– Teacher, author, poet, peace activist
The Dalai Lama– Spiritual leader and advocate of non-violence for a Free Tibet
Benjamin Franklin– Founding Father that makes me proud to be American, with innovative ideas and inventions that make America the great country it is today
Steve Jobs– A technological genius and entrepreneur, founder of Apple
Richard Branson– Entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group
Albert Einstein– Genius and the father of modern physics
Walt Disney– Entrepreneur, filmmaker, producer, founder of the Walt Disney Company and one of the most innovative universities in the United States (CalArts, my alma mater).


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