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Pictures From Costa Rica

My homestay house in Heredia, Costa Rica

My two wonderful host family members, Elba and Cynthia.

My host niece, Ximena.

My host niece, Valeria.

Ximena, Alonso, Yorlenny, and Valeria- wonderful Costa Ricans!

My home stay mother makes the BEST food. Fresh fruits and veggies and homemade juice every night for dinner. What more can I ask for?

A symbol of how beautiful the country Costa Rica is.

Global College Costa Rica Center

Global College Costa Rica Center

Heredia, Costa Rica.

Heredia, Costa Rica.

Tortillas con queso… mmm…

Heredia, Costa Rica.

The best thing about Costa Rica are the amazingly fresh fruits and vegetables here.

Heredia, Costa Rica

These are all over Heredia. We asked and they are just some kind of statement, not real, but still it’s pretty creepy…

Beautiful mountains in Costa Rica.

Heredia, Costa Rica.

Costa Rican fruits- Mamones and Hocotes.

These are all pictures I took at a farmer’s market on Sunday in Heredia.

Aguacate is the most delicious here.

Sunday Farmers Market

Part of the beauty of Global College is the freedom. Here are the Global College freshmen students giving me a mohawk.

Getting your hair cut is a process.

My two hair cutters, Kristen and Magnolia.

Most ultimate picture of Global College students.

This is Gail Nystrom, former Peace Corp Volunteer in Costa Rica and Global College professor. She has been working in LaCarpio (a poor neighborhood in San Jose) for almost 30 years. This is her foundation.


Gail’s Foundation. She runs a day care for LaCarpio children.

One room in her foundation is dedicated to a women’s business. These are products that they’ve made to sell.

The women show off bags that they’ve made.

One woman demonstrates how to create a bag.

Barrio Jesus, a neighborhood around Heredia. We came here to do community service for a day. Our assignment was to paint a bus stop.

The tools for our job.

Paint hands

Our job completed.

Wildlife, fruit, nature- everything in Costa Rica is so beautiful.

Posada del Roble, a gorgeous area up in the mountains.

The sunset in Posada del Roble. Oh Costa Rica, how I miss you.


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