Change Yourself…Change The World

Change Yourself Goals

These goals are:

Goal One: See all Seven Wonders of the World.

I have currently seen Five out of Seven Wonders of the World (Six including the Pyramids).

The Seven Wonders Are:

1. Great Wall of China, China- Yes

I saw the Great Wall of China in May 2010. Read about it here.

2. Petra, Jordan- Yes

I saw Petra in July 2010. Read about it here.

3. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil- No

I plan on going to Christ the Redeemer sometime while I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer!

4. Macchu Picchu, Peru- No

I plan on going to Macchu Picchu sometime after the Peace Corps!

5. Chichen Itza, Mexico- Yes

I saw Chichen Itza in May 2011. Read about it here and see the pictures here.

6. Colosseum, Italy- Yes

I saw the Colosseum in June 2009. Read about it here.

7. Taj Mahal, India- Yes

I saw the Taj Mahal in March 2009.

Honorary Candidate: Great Pyramid of Gaza, Egypt- Yes

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the last standing original seven wonders of the world, so this is included! I saw the Great Pyramids in July 2010. Read about it here.

Goal Two: Step foot on all Seven Continents

I have currently visited Five out of Seven Continents.

1. North America- Yes

I am from North America. I have lived in the United States, and I’ve traveled to Mexico.

2. South America- Yes

I visited South America in the Fall of 2009. I traveled to Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil , Argentina, and Peru. I also went to Costa Rica and Panama in Central America.

3. Africa- Yes

I traveled in Africa in the Summer/Fall of 2010. I have been to Egypt, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

4. Europe- Yes

I visited Europe in the Summer of 2009. I went to England, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

5. Asia- Yes

I visited Asia in the Spring of 2008, and the Fall of 2009-Spring of 2010. I went to India, Nepal, Turkey, Armenia, Bangladesh, China, and Jordan.

6. Australia- No

No plans in the foreseeable future

7. Antarctica- No

I’m slowly starting to plan for an Antarctica trip after the Peace Corps. Some people may think I’m crazy to want to go here, but I WILL make it someday!


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