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Pictures From Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The little suburbs of Buenos Aires, Florida.

Argentina. Obligatory flag picture.

Downtown Buenos Aires- ‘El MicroCentro’

There are beautiful purple trees all over this country and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them.

Avenida Florida- a huge walking street full of shops

Galeria Pacífica- one of the nicest malls I’ve ever been.

The Dulce de Leche here is unreal, and Havana is the best brand.

While tereré is THE drink of Paraguay (a cold infusion of water and Yerba maté, drunken in a strange small cup with a flat round straw), maté is THE drink of Argentina. Which is basically the exact same as tereré except hot.

Avenida Florida.

This is around Recoleta, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires- the graffiti in Argentina is unbelievable.

Behold my amazing leather bag. This is genuine leather. The leather in Argentina is unreal, and so I decided to test that theory by buying my own leather messenger bag. Priceless. I love this thing to death.

Recoleta, Buenos Aires

A stop at ‘Freddos,’ an EXTREMELY famous ice cream store in Argentina. I can see why- look how mouth-wateringly delicious that is.

The epitome of Buenos Aires- outdoor cafés, outdoor cafés, outdoor cafés.

Recoleta, Buenos Aires

The Recoleta Cemetary, which houses all of Argentina’s finest.

Very quiet.

Very mysterious.

A tad creepy.

But nonetheless, extremely beautiful.

There are cats all over the Recoleta Cemetary. There is a lady who comes every single day to feed them mounds and mounds of cat food.

The tomb of Eva Peron- ‘Evita.’

A ridiculously crazy awesome store in Buenos Aires. I LOVE this city!

More graffiti/artwork in Buenos Aires.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Kind of ‘pops’ out at you doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s because I had to take the picture really fast before a security guard noticed.

Buenos Aires has beautiful museums, beautiful artwork, beautiful…everything…

Around Recoleta

I want this to be my fireplace.

Looks kind of familiar to the House of Parliament Watchtower in London, England eh?

One of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

Downtown Buenos Aires.

Again, the purple flowers….

San Telmo, where there is an unbelievably beautiful and fun weekend market.

Argentine beef. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING- best I’ve ever had in my life.

The art is so beautiful here.

Mmmmmm I still remember how delicious this was…

Cups to drink maté in

I absolutely love the artwork here.

El Palermo, Buenos Aires

Here is Kali Ma, one of my favorite stores in the entire world.

Tome Con-Ciencia. Drink with consciousness.

El Palermo, Buenos Aires

Brittany stops to take artistic photos

The amazing, gracious, and welcoming Del Cioppo family that I stayed with in Buenos Aires! ¡Muchas gracias para su hospitalidad y me extrañaron!

For more pictures of Argentina (Iguazu Falls), click here.


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{Before all, sorry for my English}

I’m brazilian and I’m visiting Buenos Aires now. The artwork “Tome Con-Ciencia. Drink with consciousness” have a specialy meaning for me (and my girlfriend). I need to take a picture in front this artwork and for this, the adress is important.

Could you tell me the address (exactly ?) from where you’ve taken the photo?

I stay here until the next friday (20th of May).

Thank You!
Best Regards

Marcelo Motta

Comment by Marcelo Motta

Hola Marcelo- mi espanol es mas o menos….

Lo siento mucho, pero no me recuerdo! Pienso que es cerca de el palermo en buenos aires… cerca de la tienda ‘kali ma,’ que vendan ropa de India (pero en una otra calle), y es en la misma calle de mi pictura de un burro con jeans. Suerte!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

Thank you!
I´ll try the Kali-Ma and reply to you if I take the photo!

Best Regards!

Comment by Marcelo Motta

Worked! We found the Kali-Ma store and location of Artwork. The address is: Thames 1815, Buenos Aires. Thanks a lot!

Comment by Marcelo Motta

So glad you found it!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

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